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Our company, Cecylia & Tadeusz Poliscy, continues our family?s tradition of craftsmanship which goes back to Kazimierz Sochacki, Cecylia?s father, who from 1958 to 1978 ran a haberdashery practice, which in the later years of the period he successfully transformed to manufacture pipes.

Having graduated from a technical college in 1973, I started working as an apprentice for my later father in law and began to learn the craft of manufacturing pear tree pipes. I was licensed to individually run the business in 1976 and continued to produce pipes of pear tree.

In time, also my wife, Cecylia, joined me as a business partner.

In 1983 we started producing and developing pipes primarily made of Albanian brier. Through the years of practice we introduced a number of new technics of finishing our pipes by, for example, belt sanding them using the finest foreign wood colour stains, pastes, wax and fixing rubber stems.

At present, apart from the serial, classic pipes, we manufacture unique signature pipes made of the finest Italian or Spanish Plateau brier with acrylic stems and either silver or golden rings.

Our pipe finish is of the highest quality; the pipes are waxed and feature a small letter ?p? on the stem and a hand style signature; the pipes are subsequently cased in the characteristic cherry coloured boxes and elegant caskets.

Everything ? handmade!